Undergraduate Courses

POLS 309 Political Economy of Contemporary Turkey Credits 3

Comprehensive examination of the political economy of contemporary Turkey, with particular emphasis on the changing role of the state in the development process. Prerequisite: POLS 101, POLS 102

POLS 318 State and Bureaucracy in Turkey Credits 3

Examination of state tradition in Turkey. Structure of administration, recruitment and corporate interests of the bureaucracy. Bureaucratic politics, relations of bureaucracy with parliament and government. (Formerly Turkish bureaucratic structure). Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 334 Turkish Constitutional Law Credits 3

Examination of the emergence and development of parliamentarism in Turkey. Constitutional developments in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic. Prerequisites: POLS 101, POLS 102

POLS 335 Turkish Public Law Credits 3

General principles of administrative law. Historical overview of administrative law in Turkey. Constitutional and institutional dynamics of Turkish public administration. Civil servants, public services and judicial review of administrative actions. Prerequisites: POLS 101, AD 131

POLS 338 Turkish Foreign Policy Credits 3

Turkish foreign policy in historical perspective. Interaction of domestic politics and foreign policy. Role of major actors in the formulation and implementation of Turkish foreign policy. Prerequisites: POLS 101, POLS 217

POLS 348 Problems and Issues in Turkish Politics Credits 3

Discussion of current issues in Turkish political life with special emphasis on secularism, civil-military relations, and problems of democracy. Prerequisites: POLS 101, POLS 102

POLS 435 Issues in Turkish Foreign Policy Credits 3

Major issues in Turkeys foreign relations, regional problems and involvement. Evolution of Turkey’s foreign policy goals. Prerequisites: POLS 101

POLS 451 Ottoman Political and Social Institutions Credits 3

Survey of the main features of Ottoman society and its institutions. Pre-Ottoman origins, the classical age, the process of decline, the reform movement and the demise of the empire. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 460 Introduction to Civil Law Credits 3

Nature and function of civil law. Development and nature of the principles, concepts, and approaches, especially with specific reference to the Turkish case. Prerequisites: POLS 101, POLS 102

POLS 484 Selected Topics in Turkish Politics Credits 3

Examination of selected issues in Turkish government and political processes. Prerequisites: POLS 101, POLS 102