Registration Rules

Political Science and International Relations Department

MA Program Registration Rules

1) All course work must be completed within 4 semesters. You will need to register for required classes during the first semester they are offered.   

2) A thesis advisor is assigned to each student after the completion of the first semester. You will register for the section under your thesis advisor for Pols 690 (Master's Thesis) from the second semester on to the final semester.

3) By the end of the second semester, the Title of your thesis will be reported to SBE

4) Specialization electives can be chosen from among the following: all 500-600 level Pols courses and all 500-600 level courses from the ATA, Phil, Soc, Econ, Hist departments. Elective courses offered by Departments other than these could be approved through the discretion of your advisor. Language courses do not count as specialization electives.

5) Some 400 level Pols courses may also be taken as specialization electives, provided that you haven't taken them when you were an undergraduate. You must contact the relevant professor in person to ask for consent. Be aware that as a graduate student, the evaluation criteria for your performance in these courses may be different than those set for undergraduate students.

7) You may take a course in addition to the list in the curriculum through the discretion of your advisor and as extra credit.