How to Do Research at the Library?

Boğaziçi University Library is an academic library that works according to a closed and open shelving system with a seating capacity of 512 people in a closed area of ​​more than 3000 m² with 878,481 works and 1 million electronic publications, with its collections developing since 1863.

Library Collections:

• General Collection

• Near East Collection

• Rare Works and Historical Archives Collection

• Electronic Resources Collection

• Reference Resources Collection

• Reserve Collection

• Audiovisual Collection

• Adalet Ağaoğlu Collection

• Adalet Ağaoğlu Signed Books Collection

• Microfilm Archive

Library Use

It is possible to carry out all processes from the library web page.

Catalog Browsing

You can browse the library catalog from anywhere with an internet connection.

Electronic Resources

There are types of e-resources, e-magazines, e-books, music, video and newspaper databases. BU Library users can access more than 105,000 e-journals, more than 1 million e-books, 160 databases and a rich e-resource collection from on or off campus at any time of the day.

Access to Electronic Resources Off Campus

Many online resources can be accessed from inside and outside the campus via OpenAthens.  You can list the relevant databases by filtering the subject you want from the "Filter by Database Subjects" section under the Electronic Resources heading on our website.

You can search with the search engine (EDS) on the library home page and quickly access your research source by applying the necessary filters.

For possible access problems, please contact

Add a publication to the reserve collection

To add a publication to the reserve collection, the 'Course Publication Request Form' must be filled out. can be used for communication.

Benefiting from the Rare Books and Historical Archives Collection

Users who want to benefit from the Rare Works and Historical Archives Collection must fill out the Rare Works Use Request Form. For communication, the address can be used.

ILL (Interlibrary Loan)

Borrowing of books that are not in our library collections; It is a service that allows sharing of book chapters and articles. Boğaziçi University faculty members and graduate students (MA, PhD) can benefit from the ILL service. ILL requests must be made by filling out the ILL Request Form. For communication, the address can be used.

For detailed information, visit the library web page: