How to Do Research at the Library?

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1. Catalog Search 
You may find resources about your research topic by searching through library materials. You can search by entering a book title, the name of an author, a keyword, a subject, etc.

2. Electronic Services
You may have access to electronic services from the computers in the library and the computer labs of our department. You may also benefit from these services off-campus by adjusting your proxy configurations. The necessary steps for this adjustment is explained below in detail.

      a. Online Databases
Online Databases provide access to materials from scholarly articles published in academic journals to newspaper articles. Some of the helpful databases for academic research in the area of political science and international relations are listed below:
ProQuest 5000
SAGE Journals Online
Blackwell Synergy

      b. Electronic Journals 
You may reach specific journals about your research topic by browsing through the list of journals that the library provides. 
For example, if you are conducting a research in a course about migration you could directly access journals such as International Migration Review and search your topic in the journal with keywords.

3. Electronic Reference 
You may have access to resources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, maps, almanacs, statistics, newspapers, etc.

4. ILL Form
You may request books for the library by using the ILL form link on the website.

Off-campus Access to Electronic Services
Setting Up Your Browser for Remote Access to Online Databases

B.U. Library users can access to the subscribed databases from off-campus using their library record. Millennium's WAM (Web Access Management) module enables the users to access to all of the Library's web-based subscriptions through the Millennium's authentication mechanism. 
A library user may use this opportunity after completing the following 3 steps. After that, when you click on a link to a database or e-journal, you'll be asked for name, barcode and LIN. 
1. You must have a valid library record. 
2. You must have a Library barcode. 
3. You must configure your internet browser for using WAM (Web Access Management). 
Select your browser version to see how to make proxy configuration
If you still have problems after making the configuration, click here
MS Internet Explorer version 5 and above 
1. Select: Tools 
2. Select: Internet Options... 
3. Select: Connections 
4. a) If you are using a local network or an ADSL modem with Ethernet connection:
Click on the LAN Settings.. button.
b) If you are using a Dial-up modem or an ADSL modem with USB connection:
Select the connection which you are using in the Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings box and click on the Settings button. 
5. Check the box next to: "Automatically detect settings" 
6. Check the box next to: "Use automatic configuration script" 
7. enter this Address 
8. click on OK 
9. click on OK on the Internet Options menu   
Opera version 6 and above 
1. select File 
2. select Preferences 
3. select Network 
4. click on the Proxy Servers button 
5. check the box next to the Automatic proxy configuration 
6. enter the following address in the box: 
7. click OK   

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