Political Science Colloquium



December 12, Mert Arslanalp,  Ulaş Erdoğdu, T. Deniz Erkmen,  "When is Protest Repression Acceptable? Public Opinion on Protests in Istanbul"

November 4, Valentine Masika, "A political ecology evaluation of the development agenda: The cases of Ghana and Kenya"

October 21, Basak Taraktas, Suzan Uskudarli, Basak Bozkurt, Ozgur Togay and Cihan Duran, "Does traditional media cover the issues that matter to activists? Reading Black Lives Matter in the New York Times"



December 3, Clare Maxwell, "The Paradox of Globalization for the Refugee Regime"

June 3, Osman Zinnur Aksu, "Globalization and Diminishing Local Tastes: The Case of Spice Bazaar"

March 11, Sümeyye Koca, “Invisible” Identities: Unfolding the Narratives of the Women Who Took off Their Headscarves"

Nov 5, Hüseyin Emre Ceyhun & Hani Warith (Princeton University), "Competing at the Root: How Local-Level Associational Competition Fuels Politics in Hybrid Regimes"



May 21, Başak Taraktaş, "Protesting during the Covid: When the abstention cost overweighs contagion risk" (with Sina Sajjadi)

Apr 30, Alper Yağcı, "Changing Economic Status of Religious Individuals in Turkey"

Apr 2, Murat Akan, "Floating Sophia, Polarizing to Abeyance, Waqf-izing the State"



Dec 5, Mine Eder (moderator), Mert Arslanalp, Zeynep Gambetti, Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu, and Umut Aydın, "Political Demands and Institutional Limits in Latin America: Is transformation possible?"

Nov 22, Dr. Murat Güney, "Building Northern Istanbul: Megaprojects, Speculation, and New Suburbs" from his edited volume Massive Suburbanization: Rebuilding the Global Periphery (University of Toronto Press, 2018).

Oct 29, Dr. Barış Çetin Eren, “Democracies, Coups, and Social Movements in Turkey: 1908-2018"

Oct 25, Ulaş Erdoğdu, "The Dance of Death: How Leader Decapitation and Democratization Fuels On-Going Civil Wars"



May 3, Umut Mişe, "Rap Music as a Tool for Resistance and Its Limits" 

April 12, Çağrı Gökçek, "Challenging the Limits: the Strike Waves of Metal Workers in Turkey"

March 29, Zeynep Gambetti, "Exploratory notes on new fascisms"

March 15, Şebnem Gümüşçü, "The Islamist Pendulum"

March 1, Mine Eder, 'Problem Spaces' and Struggles over the Right to the City: Challenges of Living Differentially in a Gentrifying Istanbul Neighborhood 

December 7, Ünsal Doğan Başkır, "Kozmopolitanizmi 'Açmak': Kavram Tarihi Işığında Çağdaş Tartışma Ufkuna Bir Katkı"

November 23, Özlem Tunçel, "Rethinking State and Civil Society: Two Educational Policies During the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Era"