Undergraduate Courses

POLS 204 Advanced Social Statistics Credits 4

Decision theory, testing statistical hypotheses, statistical estimation, parametric and nonparametric statistics, correlation and regression analysis. Prerequisite: POLS203

POLS 350 Political Economy of Advanced Industrial Countries Credits 3

This course offers an analysis of various issues and challenges of industrialization that states, firms and unions face in advanced indstrial countries. It explores the industrial policies, the firm, government relations, specific firm strategies and overall capital, labor relations during the post-war period in the United States, Japan and Europe drawing examples from specific industries. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 351 Introduction to Public Choice Credits 3

Introduction to the interaction between political and economic factors from the perspective of public choice theory. Application of public choice concepts to public policy issues in both developed and developing countries. Prerequisite: POLS 101, EC 101, EC 102

POLS 352 Social Policy Credits 3

Basic theoretical approaches to social policy, social problems, social policy, and the nature and functions of the welfare state. The causes and effects of governmental policies in selected fields. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 353 Globalization and Public Policy Credits 3

Discussion of the history and nature of globalization and public policy responses to it with a focus on Europe and the OECD countries. Comparative analysis of economic, social and industrial policy responses to challenges raised by globalization of markets. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 370 Politics and Decision Theory Credits 3

Introduction to the basic concepts of game theory and decision theory as they apply to political science. Prerequisite: POLS 101, POLS 203

POLS 422 Politics of Markets and Capitalism Credits 3

Discussion of major approaches to capitalism and markets by an analysis of ethnographies of economy. Political economy, exchange, production, informality, performativity of modern sciences, market design, commodity circulation, and finance. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 423 Comparative Political Economy Credits 3

Institutionalism as a major strand of political economy. Domestic structures and inter-country variations in public choice and economic performance. Prerequisites: POLS 101, EC 101, EC 102

POLS 470 Formal Modelling in Political Science Credits 3

Review of recent applications of game theory and of decision theory in recent formal models of voting and party competition theory and rational choice in international relations and comparative politics. Prerequisite: POLS 101, POLS 370