Undergraduate Courses

POLS 101 Introduction to Political Science Credits 3

Introduction to the study of politics. Terminology and methodology of political science. Government and administration. Executive, legislative, and judiciary. Governance, political participation, political actors, government structures and processes. Basic concepts of political theory, comparative politics and international relations. 

POLS 102 Turkish Constitutional Law Credits 3

Constitutional developments in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic. Comparative study of current and previous constitutions. Constitutional status of and relationship between legislative, executive, judiciary branches. (Taught in Turkish)

Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 201 History of Political Thought I Credits 3

Study of ancient Greek, Roman, and medieval political thinkers. Analysis of their major contributions to the development of political theory. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 202 History of Political Thought II Credits 3

Analysis of the works of the major Western political theorists from Machiavelli to the present, with emphasis on general developments, trends, and basic issues in modern political theory.

Prerequisites: POLS 101, POLS 201

POLS 203 Social Statistics Credits 4

Introduction to statistical methods in social sciences. Basic descriptive and inferential techniques. Prerequisite: MATH 106

POLS 206 Political Science Research Methods Credits 4

Introduction to theory-oriented research in political science: Research problems, research designs, quantitative data collection techniques, data processing, data analysis, and interpretation of social science data with special emphasis on quantitative methods used in data analysis, and report writing on the basis of data analysis and findings. Prerequisites: POLS 203

POLS 215 Comparative Politics Credits 3

Major concepts and theoretical approaches in comparative politics. Comparative party systems, electoral systems, political institutions, state-society relations, democratization, and political culture. Prerequisite: POLS 101



POLS 217 Diplomatic History Credits 3

History of diplomacy and international relations from the French Revolution to the end of the Cold War. The emergence of balance of power systems, nationalism, colonialism, the World Wars, decolonization and the Cold War. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 242 Introduction to International Relations Credits 3

The rise and evolution of the nation-state system, the operation of balance of power, deterrence, coercion, conflict, diplomacy, crisis management, and the role of international law and institutions in inter-state relations. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 246 Introduction to Turkish Politics Credits

The development of the Turkish political system from the Ottoman period to the present with emphasis on the interaction of state, politics, and society. Prerequisite: POLS 101, POLS 102

POLS 303 Fundamentals of Political Economy Credits 3

An introduction to the basic concepts, theories and methodologies of political economy. The interaction between states and markets and between power and wealth at domestic and international contexts. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 340 Foreign Policy Credits
POLS 441 Foreign Policy Credits 3

Foreign policy making processes and analyses. Politics and foreign policy. Actors, interests and interactios. Turkey's international relations and foreign policy making as a case study. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 472 Comparative Political Systems Credits 3

Comparison of political systems of North America and Western Europe. Emphasis on Great Britain, France, and the Federal Republic of Germany. Historical legacies, key political institutions, and political culture. Prerequisite: POLS 101