Türkiye Siyaseti

POLS 2022 O54

PhD Alevis, the state and the Sivas incident : problems of democratization / by Levent Önen


POLS 2019 G76

Beyond limits : the mobilization of a wildcat strike in Turkey / by Alican Çağrı Gökçek Türk Metal Sendikası.

Metal-workers -- Labor unions -- Turkey.

Strikes and lockouts -- Turkey.


POLS 2019 A93

Kurdish tribes and the question of assimilation in Turkey / by Hüseyin Azbay


POLS 2018 I63

Political football: Making football fandom a symbol of political dissent / by kamile Sena İncedere Football

Social aspects -- Turkey.

Sports -- Political aspects -- Turkey.

Protest movements -- Turkey -- Istanbul -- Gezi Parkı.


POLS 2018 I77

The expansion of neoliberalism in Turkey: The case of the Mass Housing Development Administration / by Kerem Mert İspir Mass Housing Development Administration

-- Turkey. Housing development -- Turkey.

Neoliberalism -- Turkey.


POLS 2019 T44 PhD  

Identifty, informal institutions and collective action in Istanbul’s Rum community in the twenty-first century / by Charalampos Theodorelis-Rigas

Rum -- Istanbul -- History.


POLS 2019 M36  M.A.

Sheltered bodies: Investigating the representations of Syrian refugees in Turkish media / by Onur Mamak

Syria -- History -- Civil War, 2011- -- Refugees.

Refugees -- Syria.

Mass media -- Turkey.


POLS 2019 K82  M.A.

The impact of policy-making on tourism development : the case of Uzungöl / by Ebrar Şahika Küçükaşçı

Trabzon (Turkey) -- Uzungöl.

Tourism -- Black Sea Coast (Turkey)

Lakes -- Turkey.


POLS 2019 G76  M.A.

Beyond limits : the mobilization of a wildcat strike in Turkey / by Alican Çağrı Gökçek

Türk Metal Sendikası.

Metal-workers -- Labor unions -- Turkey.

Strikes and lockouts -- Turkey.


POLS 2018 M57  M.A.

The politics of rap: Rap music as a tool for expressing exclusion in Istanbul / by Umut Mişe

Rap (Music) -- Istanbul.

Neighborhoods -- Social aspects -- Istanbul.


POLS 2018 I77  M.A.

The expansion of neoliberalism in Turkey: The case of the Mass Housing Development Administration / by Kerem Mert İspir

Mass Housing Development Administration -- Turkey.

Housing development -- Turkey.

Neoliberalism -- Turkey.


POLS 2018 I63  M.A.

Political football: Making football fandom a symbol of political dissent / by kamile Sena İncedere

Football -- Social aspects -- Turkey.

Sports -- Political aspects -- Turkey.


POLS 2018 G46 PhD  

The presidency of religious affairs, women, and politics in Turkey: 1968 – 2014 / by Ece Han Genç Yıldız

Turkey -- Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı.

Islam and politics -- Turkey.

Women political activists -- Turkey.


POLS 2018 B35  M.A.

Rethinking urban transformation and contested spaces: The case of Diyarbakı / by Ronay Bakan

Urban renewal -- Turkey -- Diyarbakır.


POLS 2018 A53  M.A.

Surviving tribes as political actors: The evolution of political clientelism in Şanlıurfa / by Ahmet Utku Akbıyık

Tribes -- Turkey -- Şanlıurfa.

Tribes -- Political activity -- Turkey.

POLS 2017 Z34 M.A.

Social assistance in Turkey: an overview of seven social assistance and solidarity foundations / by Fatma Nur Zağralı Tunç

Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Vakıfları.

Solidarity -- Political aspects -- Turkey.



POLS 2017 G86 M.A.

Threatening security: Conflicting conceptualizations of security during the Gezi Park protests / by Mustafa Utku Güngör

Demonstrations -- Turkey -- Istanbul -- Gezi Parkı. 

Protest movements -- Turkey -- Istanbul -- Gezi Parkı.


POLS 2016 S37 M.A.

The relationship between secularism and democracy: The case of Turkey in the 2000s / by Edgar Şar

Secularism -- Turkey.

Democracy -- Turkey.

POLS 2016 M87 M.A.

Neighborhood projects of education: the case of the Halkevi summer school in Okmeydanı / by Ezgi Murat

Halkevleri (Turkey)

Summer schools -- Halkevleri (Turkey) -- Okmeydanı.

POLS 2016 A55 M.A.

Rethinking independent cinema: Public funding, market oligopoly and the film industry in Turkey / by Ercan Akkaya

Motion picture industry -- Turkey.

Independent films -- Turkey.


POLS 2016 E73 M.A.

The regeneration of poverty and exclusion after the Van earthquake / by Seza Eraydın

Poverty - Turkey - Van.


Disaster relief.


POLS 2016 S78 M.A.

Core theoretical debates in the post-1980 feminist movement in Turkey: The subject of feminism and the (Im)possibilities of feminist politics / by Mesadet Maria Sözmen

Feminism -- Turkey.

Feminism -- Turkey -- History -- 20th century.


POLS 2015 C77 M.A.

The impact of social trust on attitude towards the welfare state: the case of Turkey / by Tamer Coşar

Welfare state - Turkey


POLS 2015 I43 M.A.

The politics of everyday life: solidarity-based organization and squatting in an Istanbul neighborhood / by Zeynep Özge Iğıdır

Solidarity - Political Aspects - Turkey


POLS 2015 K77 M.A.

The politics of everyday life in Malatya: class, identity and space / by Seren Selvin Korkmaz

Kurds - Turkey - Politics and Government

POLS 2015 U48 M.A.

The institution of work-dorms in Turkey / by Hande Gökşin Uğur

Convict labor

Prison - History - Turkey


POLS 2014 O83 Phd

The missing link in the Chain of oppression and resistance: last era of Kurdish banditry in modern Turkey, 1950-1980 / by Ahmet Özcan

Brigands and robbers - Kurdish.

Political aspects - Turkey.


POLS 2014 B57 M.A.

The role of education on women's empowerment: the case of Village Institutes in Turkey, 1940-1946 / by Çiğdem Birced

Education - Turkey


POLS 2014 S78 M.A.

A study of power: the making of the Turkish electricity market / by Pınar Sözer

Electricity - Energy Policy - Turkey


POLS 2013 B54 M.A.

Media and democracy in Turkey: the 2011 Turkish national election coverage / by Selina Denise Bieber

Mass media - Turkey.

Local elections - Turkey.


POLS 2013 D76 Phd

Disappearing onion producers in Karacabey: a micro analysis of farmers and land after structural reform / by Fatmanil Döner

Agriculture - Turkey.


POLS 2013 T86 M.A.

Rethinking the Kurdish movement: the role of the neighborhood assemblies in Diyarbakır / by Deniz Tuncel

Koma Civakên Kurdistan.

Kurds - Turkey.

Politics and government.


POLS 2011 Z54 PhD

Europeanization of Turkish civil society organizations during the accession process to the EU : a Gramscian analysis / by Özge Zihnioğlu

European Union-Turkey

Non-governmental Organizations-Turkey

Civil Society-Turkey


POLS 2011 S48

Contemporary women's movement in Turkey: production of different knowledges / by Dilşah Şeylan



POLS 2011 K38

Investigative journalism in corporate media: reporters' perceptions of investigative journalism in Turkey / by Ezgi Kaya

Investigative Reporting

Freedom of Speech


POLS 2011 K33

The Imaginary Ottoman: an examination of “Ottomanism” among the Islamic elites in today’s Turkey as an intellectual bridge between the local and the global / by Deniz Kabaağaç

Turkey-Politics and Government


POLS 2011 A87

Neo-liberal transformation of agriculture in Turkey? a case study with olive producers in Ayvalık / by Nurcan Aytemur

Olive Industry and Trade-Turkey


POLS 2009 Y34

Packaging neoliberalism: neopopulism and the case of the Justice and Development Party / by Alper Yağcı



POLS2009 S28

New nationalisms in Turkey in the field of popular art: the case of Kurtlar Vadisi / by Pınar Sayan



POLS 2009 O74

Taking the right, selling it in the market: commodification and commercialization of health care in Turkey since the 1980s / by Aslı Orhon

Social Policy-Turkey

Welfare State- Turkey

Medical Policy


POLS 2009 O54

The Republican People’s Party: ideology and organization between 1992 and 2007 / by Levent Önen

Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi


POLS 2009 K38

Class underground, class aboveground: Zonguldak mineworkers and their unions / by Yasin Kaya

Coal miners- Turkey- Zonguldak


POLS 2009 G85

“Women of power”: the policewomen in a state of men / by Duygu Gül


POLS 2009 A84

Deeper into charity: the social assistance mechanisms in Turkey and the case of the Greater Municipality of Ankara / by Ragıp Evren Aydoğan

Social Policy


POLS 2009 C38

Long waited brothers or unwelcome guests: the logic of reception mechanisms of a receiving state: Turkey and its asylum seekers in 1989 and 1991 / by Gül Çatır

Asylum, Right of- Turkey

Emigration and Immigration-Turkey



POLS 2009 E73

The politics of sheltering women: the case of SHÇEK / by Aslı Erdem

Women-Turkey-Social Conditions


POLS 2009 A83

Alevi politics of recognition: transformation of Alevism and two kinds of recognition politics / by Bengü Aydın



POLS 2009 A78

From village Turks to Euro Turks: Turkish State’s perceptions of Turkish migrants in Europe / by Zeynep Selen Artan

Turkey-Emigration and immigration- Europe


POLS 2009 A23

The Phenomenon of subcontracted work in Turkish health care sector: a state ethnography / by Cemal Taylan Acar

Medical Care-Subcontracting-Turkey


POLS 2008 U88

Gypsies, the Roma and justice claims: the case of Lüleburgaz / by Begüm Uzun

Romanies-Turkey-Social Conditions

POLS 2008 A85

The ambivalence of Alevi politic(s): a comparative analysis of Cem Vakfı and Pir Sultan Abdal Kültür Derneği / by Seçil Aslan

CEM Vakfı

Pir Sultan Abdal Kültür Derneği

POLS 2007 S55

Global trends, domestic institutions and contemporary organized labor: the case of Turkey / by Jeremy Michael Silva.

Working Class --Turkey.

Labor Unions -- Turkey.


POLS 2007 B47 PhD

The policing of social discontent and the construction of the social body: mapping the expansion and militerization of the police organization in Turkey in the post-1980 period / by Biriz Gonca Berksoy.

Police -- Turkey -- History.

POLS 2006 Y35

The Teachers of Republic: Mediating Between State and Students / by Evren Yalaz.

Education -- Turkey.


POLS 2006 M68

Re-articulation of the sign of Turkish National identity through the discursive performances of the Arab "other": the case of Arabs in Batman / by Süheyla Nil Moustafa.

Arab Nationalism.

National Characteristics, Arab.


POLS 2006 K55

Small business associations in Turkey: relations with big business and the state since the 1980s / by Tülay Ayalo Kılıçdağı.

Small Business.

POLS 2006 I64

Volunteers or governors? Rethinking civil society in Turkey beyond the problematic of democratization: the case of TEGV / by Yasemin İpek.

Nonprofit organizations -- Management.

Voluntarism -- Management.


Civil Society -- Turkey.


POLS 2006 D54

The revolution of 1908 and the working class in Turkey / by Sinan Dinçer.

Turkey -- History -- Revolution, 1909.

Turkey -- History -- 1878-1909.

İttihat ve Terakki Cemiyeti.


POLS 2006 D46

Civil society and democracy: the case of a migrant association / by Betül Demirkaya.

Civil Society -- Turkey.

Democracy -- Turkey.

Rural-urban migration -- Turkey.


POLS 2006 B54

The re-organization of the main islamic communities in Turkey, in the post 1980 coup era / by Alper Bilgili.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1980-



POLS 2006 B53

Coming to terms with the past: narrating the 12 September 1980 military coup / by Sema Binay.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1980-

Turkey -- History -- Coup d'état, 1980.


POLS 2006 B45

Citizenship and identity in Turkey: the case of the post-1980 Turkish-muslim immigrants from Macedonia / by Sude Bahar Beltan.

Citizenship -- Turkey.

Turkey -- Emigration and immigration.

Narration (Rhetoric).

POLS 2006 A33 PhD   

Militarism, capitalism and the State: putting the military in its place in Turkey / by İsmet Akça.



State, The.

Military capital.


POLS 2005 T88

Rethinking the place of the National Outlook Movement (Milli Görüş Hareketi) within the Turkish political right: from 1970's to the present / by Mustafa Tuzcu.

Nationalism -- Turkey.

Political parties -- Turkey -- History.

Turkey -- History -- 1960-

Turkey – Politics and government -- 1980-

POLS 2005 S46 PhD 

A search for universalism: reconsidering the capability approach in Turkey / by Pınar Uyan Semerci.

Women -- Turkey.

Migration, Internal -- Turkey.

Rural-urban migration -- Turkey.

Social Change.


POLS 2005 O85

Fazlur Rahman's islamic modernism / by Mustafa Özkahraman.



Islamic renewal.


POLS 2005 O84

Uneasy balance of contested identities: politics of multiculturalism and the case of Hatay / by Zeynep Özgen.

Multiculturalism – Turkey – Hatay.

Antioch (Turkey).

POLS 2004 U53

Turkish political culture Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu and Ankara / by Pelin Ünsal.

Karaosmanoğlu, Yakup Kadri, 1889-1974. Ankara.

Political Culture.


POLS 2004 S27

Rethinking the peculiarity of Turkish experience with Islamism / by Ali Sarıkaya.

Islam and state.

Islam and politics.

Islam and politics -- Turkey -- History.


POLS 2004 A75  

The decline of the center right parties in Turkey in the 1990s: value change or resentment /

By Gizem Arıkan.

Political parties -- Turkey.

Right and left (Political science)


POLS 2004 A44 

The psychological response of Turkish business persons towards the economic crises of

2000/2001 / by Ilnour Algouchaev.

Economics -- Psychological aspects.

Financial crises -- Turkey.

Resilience (Personality trait)

Psychology, Industrial.


POLS 2003 U45  

Homogenizing a nation: Turkish national identity and migration-settlement policies of the

Turkish Republic (1923-1939) / by Erol Ülker.

National characteristics.

Emigration and immigration.

Land settlement -- Turkey.


POLS 2003 M35 

Gauging Turkishness : antropology as science-fiction in legitimizing racist nationalism

(1925-1939) / Nazan Maksudyan.

Nationalism -- Turkey.

Racism -- Turkey -- History -- 20th century.





POLS 2002 Y86  

The integration of Turkish immigrants in Germany and Denmark / by Hasan Yönten.

Turks – Germany.

Turks – Denmark.

Immigrants -- Germany -- Social conditions.

Immigrants -- Denmark -- Social conditions.

Immigrants -- Germany -- Ethnic relations.

Turks -- Germany -- Cultural assimilation.

Intercultural communication.


POLS 2001 E47 PhD.

Erdogan, Emre.

Between exit and loyalty : the dealignment and realignment in the

Turkish party system / by Emre Erdogan.

Political parties -- Turkey.

Elections -- Turkey.

Voting – Turkey


POLS 2001 K66.

Kömürcü, Derya.

The Emergence of center-left politics in Turkey, 1960-1980 / by Derya


Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (Turkey) -- History.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1918-1960.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1960-1980.

POLS 2001 K86 PhD.

Kömeçoglu, Ugur.

Historical and sociological approach to public space: the case of

Islamic coffeehouses in Turkey / by Ugur Kömeçoglu.

Public spaces -- Turkey.

Coffeehouses -- Turkey -- History.


POLS 2001 T37 PhD.

Taskin, Yüksel.

Intellectuals and the state in Turkey: the case of nationalist

conservatism during and after the Cold War / by Yüksel


Intellectuals -- Turkey.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1980-

Cold War.


POLS 2001 B34 PhD.

Bagce, Hüseyin Emre.

Official state ideology of the Turkish Republic as formulated in the

speeches and writings of the chief Political Leaders (1927-1938) / by

Hüseyin Emre Bagce.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1923-

Ideology -- Turkey.


POLS 2001 T36.

Tanka, Serkan.

Protectionism on textiles and clothing : the end or a new beginning? /

Serkan Tanka.

Textile industry -- Government policy.

Clothing trade -- Government policy.



POLS 2001 S88.

Süzer, Didem.

State-big business relations in Turkey : the case of TÜSIAD /

Didem Süzer.

Big business -- Government policy -- Turkey.

Patronage, Political -- Turkey.

Türk Sanayicileri ve Isadamlari Dernegi.


POLS 2000 H37.

Hastürk, Ayse Banu.

The transformation of the socialist left in Turkey: a case study on the

Pluralism of ÖDP, liberty and solidarity party / by Ayse Banu


Socialists -- Turkey.

Socialist parties -- Turkey.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 20th century.


POLS 2000 C45.

Çelik, Evren.

State-business relations in Turkey in the post-1980 Era / Evren


Government business enterprises -- Turkey.

Industrial policy -- Turkey.

Economic policy -- Turkey.


POLS 2000 B47.

Berksoy, Biriz.

Party conferences 1935-1945 : academia's contribution to ideological

mobilization in Turkey / by Biriz Berksoy.

Turkey -- Politics and government.

POLS 1999 Al7.

Altinoglu, Ebru.

Fethullah Gülen's perception of state and society / by Ebru


Gülen, Fethullah.

Islam and politics -- Turkey.

Social movements -- Religious aspects.


POLS 1999 Er3.

Ergen, Ilgaz.

National integration of the electorate in Turkey / by Ilgaz Ergen.

Elections -- Turkey.

Turkey -- Politics and government.


POLS 1998 K14 PhD.

Kaplan, Ismail.

The ideology of national education in Turkey and its implications for

political socialization / by Ismail Kaplan.

Education -- Philosophy.

Education -- Aims and objectives.

Education -- Turkey.

Education -- Social aspects -- Turkey.

Political socialization.


POLS 1998 Z64.

Zihnioglu, Yaprak.

Nezihe Muhiddin: an Ottoman Turkish women's rights defender / Yaprak


Women's rights.

Women -- Turkey -- History.

Women in politics -- History -- 20th century.


POLS 1998 Z641.

Zihnioglu, Yaprak.

Nezihe Muhiddin: bir Osmanli-Türk kadin haklari

savunucusu / Yaprak Zihnioglu.

Women's rights.

Women -- Turkey -- History.

Women in politics -- History -- 20th century.


POLS 1998 B32 PhD.

Batur, M. Hakan.

From rational reformism to neoliberal centralism: institutional

politics of economic bureaucracy in Turkey (1960-1984) / by M. Hakan


Bureaucracy -- Turkey.

Turkey -- Economic conditions -- 1960-1980.

Turkey -- Economic policy -- 1960-1980.


Mercantile system.

POLS 1998 Z43.

Zenginkuzucu, Dikran Migirdiç.

Patterns of political participation in post-1980 Turkey / by Dikran

Migirdiç Zenginkuzucu.

Political participation -- Turkey.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1980-

Political parties -- Turkey.

Elections -- Turkey.


POLS 1996 Si5 PhD.

Simsek, Sefa.

People's houses: an experiment in ideological training in Turkey, 1932-

1951 / by Sefa Simsek.

Education -- Political aspects -- Turkey.

Group identity -- Turkey.


POLS 1996 B65.

Bostan, Fatma.

Political perspectives of Sebilürresad / by Fatma Bostan.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 19th century.

Turkey -- History -- 19th century


POLS 1996 Sa9 PhD.

Savkay, Ismail Tugrul.

The political-ideological dimension of Kemalist language reform / by

Ismail Tugrul Savkay.

Turkish language -- Reform.


POLS 1995 M55.

Mersin-Alici, Didem.

The impact of Turkey's nationalistic culture on Turkish foreign

policy-making as observed in Turkey's relations with the central Asian

Turkic Republics / by Didem Mersin-Alici.

Nationalism -- Turkey.



POLS 1995 P66.

Pirli, Yilmaz.

A critical perspective on the leftist student movements in Turkey

between 1960 and 1971 / by Yilmaz Pirli.

Student movements -- Turkey.

Youth movement -- Turkey.

Social movements -- Turkey.

Students -- Political activity.


POLS 1995 Er2.

Erdem, Sami.

Hilafetin kaldirilmasi sürecinde teorik

tartismalar ve adliye vekili Seyyid Bey'in katkisi / by Sami Erdem.

Turkey -- History -- Revolution, 1918-1923.



POLS 1995 Il4 PhD.

Ilgaz, Deniz.

The village institutes and the Kemalist ideology in the Turkish Republic

/ by Deniz Ilgaz.

Education, Rural -- Turkey.


Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1918-1960.

POLS 1995 Y8.

Yöney, E. Sevgi.

Turkish feminist movement in the '80s: a study on two feminist journals

: Kaktüs and Feminist / by E. Sevgi Yöney.

Feminism – Turkey


POLS 1994 D67.

Dogan, Özlem.

The Turban issue / by Özlem Dogan.

Women in {231}Islam.

Women and religion.

Turbans -- Turkey.

Women -- Islamic countries -- Social conditions.


POLS 1993 D39 PhD.

Demirel, Ahmet.

Government and opposition in the first Turkish Grand National Assembly :

the first and second groups / by Ahmet Demirel.

Turkey. Büyük Millet Meclisi.

Turkey -- History -- Revolution, 1918-1923.

Turkey -- Politics and government.


POLS 1993 C33.

Ceyhun, Umut.

The intellectuals' hearth and The Turkish-Islamic synthesis / by Umut


Nationalism -- Turkey.


POLS 1991 Ul8.

Uluçay, Güler.

Kemalist reformists and image of woman / by Güler Uluçay.

Women -- Turkey.


POLS 1990 Sa18.

Sagiroglu, Nursel.

Forum an intellectual opposition in the DP period, 1954-1960 / by Nursel


Demokrat Parti (Turkey).

Political parties -- Turkey -- History -- 20th century.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1918-1960.


POLS 1990 Oz2 PhD.

Özdogan, Günay Göksu.

The case of Racism-Turanism : Turkism during single-party period, 1931-

1944 : a radical variant of Turkish nationalism / by Günay

Göksu Özdogan.

Nationalism -- Turkey.



POLS 1990 G28 PhD.

Gençkaya, Ömer Faruk.

The impact of organizational attributes on legislative performance: a

structural-functional analysis of the grand national assembly of Turkey,

1983-1987 / by Ömer Faruk Gençkaya.

Turkey. Büyük Millet Meclisi.

Legislative bodies -- Turkey.


Turkey -- Politics and government


POLS 1990 K55 PhD.

Kiliç, H. Ayla.

The social origins of Turkish Cabinet Ministers 1920-1989 / by H. Ayla


Turkey -- Politics and government.

Cabinet officers -- Turkey.

Cabinet system -- Turkey.


POLS 1989 B49.

Bilgin, Gün.

Liberalism of the democrat party in its year of opposition / by

Gün Bilgin.

Demokrat Parti (Turkey).

Political parties -- Turkey -- History -- 20th century.


Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1918-1960.


POLS 1989 B46.

Besken, Sara.

State syndrome through cartoons / by Sara Besken.

Political cartoons.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- Caricatures and cartoons.

POLS 1988 B39 PhD.

Bektas, Arsev.

Organizational Characteristics and Internal Dynamics of Political

Parties in Turkey: Republican People's Party and Justice Party / by

Arsev Bektas.

Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi.

Adalet Partisi.

Political parties -- Turkey.

Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1960-1980.


POLS 1988 T81.

Tufanoglu, Ufuk.

Labor union-political party relations in Turkey: the failure of the

people's party's experience / by Ufuk Tufanoglu.

Labor movement -- Turkey -- History.

Trade-unions -- Political activity.

Trade-unions -- Turkey -- History.


POLS 1984 Oc2 PhD.

Öcal, Hakki.

One-party Regime in Turkey and Communications 1923-1946 / by Hakki


Press and politics -- Turkey.

Turkish newspapers.

Communication -- Turkey.