Undergraduate Courses

POLS 313 American Politics and Society through Literature Credits 3

Analysis of U.S. society and socio-political developments through the works of American authors since mid-19th century, with emphasis on social change as reflected in the novel. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 342 American Government Credits 3

Survey of contemporary US government, with emphasis on the functioning of the federal system, the powers of the presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 409 Contemporary American Politics Credits 3

Social, economic, and political changes in the U.S.A. since World War II. The impact of technological change and global economic system on American politics. Current issues and debates on minorities, women, and American involvement in world politics. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 490 Seminar in American Culture and Politics Credits 3

An extensive study of selected topics in Amerian politics, literature, society and history with an interdisiplinary approach.