Undergraduate Courses

POLS 343 Introduction to European Integration Credits 3

A study of the evolution of the European integration project from the European Coal and Steel Community to the present European Union, with emphasis on the politics of the deepening of integration and the expansion of EU membership. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 344 Turkey and the European Union Credits 3

History and diplomacy of Turkey's relationship with the European integration process, from the Ankara Treaty to the present. Major issues in EU-Turkey relations. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 364 Comparative Political Economy of Europe Credits 3

Comparative analysis of the major European Union economies including Germany, France, Britain and Italy. Study of the impact of the European integration on these economies. Prerequisite: POLS 101.

POLS 414 European Integration in Western Political Thought Credits 3

The foundations of the idea of European integration in Western political history. The concept and practice of local and international community from classical Greece to the present. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 418 European Foreign and Security Policy Credits 3

Examination of the evolution toward a common European foreign ad security policy. Policy-making in the EU vis-à-vis major issues in international affairs. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 448 European Union Institutions and Policy Making Credits 3

A basic understanding of the participants, factors and constraints that influence EU policy-making in its various arenas, levels, and stages. Analyzes of the capacity of EU institutions that monitor the enforcement of compliance with EU policy goals, strategies and outcomes in member states. Prerequisite: POLS 101.

POLS 456 Topics in European Integration Credits

In-depth examination of selected issues and concepts on European integration such as European citizenship and identity, immigration and asylum, local government and regionalism, and institutional reform. Prerequisite: POLS 101.

POLS 457 Issues of Culture and Identity in the EU Credits 3

Current developments in the European Union with regard to culture, identity and citizenship. Issues of immigration, human rights, gender relations, and new social movements. Prerequisite: POLS 101

POLS 465 European Union Law Credits 3

Study of European Union law and legal processes, with emphasis on acquis communautaire and the European Court of Justice. Issues related to jurisdiction and enforcement. Prerequisite: POLS 101