Siyaset Kuramı

POLS 2019 K75
Media ownership structure and media freedom analyzed from a republican conceptualization of freedom / by Mert Köksal Mass media
Ownership -- Turkey.
Mass media policy -- Turkey.
Freedom of the press -- Turkey.
POLS 2019 U77 PhD  
The legitimacy of secularism : a conceptual analysis / by Adil Usturalı
Secularism -- Law and legislation.
POLS 2018 M87  M.A.
Political liberalism and religious discourses: An evaluation of the asymmetry objection / by İbrahim Çağrı Mutaf
Rawls, John, 1921-2002.
Political science -- Philosophy.

POLS 2017 Y37 PhD
A critical history of the concept of progress: Salvaging the repressed normative content / by Buğra Yasin
Progress -- History.


POLS 2016 S78 M.A.
Core theoretical debates in the post-1980 feminist movement in Turkey: The subject of feminism and the (Im)possibilities of feminist politics / by Mesadet Maria Sözmen
Feminism -- Turkey.
Feminism -- Turkey -- History -- 20th century.



POLS 2016 C36 M.A.
The unbearable lightness of cyber: Cyberspace and state sovereignty / by Murat Can
Cyberspace -- Social aspects.



POLS 2014 M46 M.A.
On Hannah Arendt’s conception of judgment with regard to political action: an attempt at reconciling the perspectives of actor and spectator / by Sophie Menasse
Hannah Arendt - Political and social views.
Political science - Philosophy.



POLS 2014 Y56 M.A.
Deconstruction of the modern subject by Arendt and Levinas: the other and politics / by Selbin Yılmaz
Hannah Arendt
Emmanuel Lévinas


POLS 2013 M87 M.A.
A reading of law and power through Marx, Schmitt and Foucault / by Pedriye Mutlu
Karl Marx.
Carl Schmitt.
Michel Foucault.

POLS 2010 G87 M.A.
Ethics of the political realm in Hannah Arendt's thought / by Emre Çetin Gürer
Hannah Arendt
Political ethics

POLS 2007 B47 PhD
The policing of social discontent and the construction of the social body: mapping the expansion and militerization of the police organization in Turkey in the post-1980 period / by Biriz Gonca Berksoy
Police - Turkey - History.

POLS 2011 Y56

The philosophical sources of contemporary politics of identity in G.W. F. Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit: a critical reading of Charles Taylor and Jean Hyppolite / by Mine Yıldırım

POLS 2004 A34
The conscious of the presentness as a critical attitude towards the progress: Kant, Arendt, Benjamin / by Salih Akkanat.
Arendt, Hannah.
Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804.
Benjamin, Walter, 1892-1940.

POLS 2004 C35 
Post-Marxist theories of political action : a critical review of two paradigmatic proposals / by Aslı Falay Çalkıvik.
Philosophy, Marxist.

POLS 2004 C38 PhD   
Islamism and islamic literature in contemporary Turkey: From epic to novel understandings of Islam / by Kenan Çayır.
Turkish literature -- History and criticism.
Islamic literature, Turkish.

POLS 2003 I48 PhD    
The "Ethnic Conflict" factor in democratic consolidation / by R. Ebru İlter.
Ethnic relations.
Conflict management.

POLS 2003 Y85 
Radical democratic pluralism : an alternative / by Ayşe Seda Yüksel.
Pluralism (Social sciences)

POLS 1998 G56.
Göksu, Erdem.
Human rights in the modern world / by Erdem Göksu.
Human rights.

POLS 1996 Si65 PhD.
Sinirlioglu, Feridun Hadi.
Immanuel Kant's philosophical-anthropological approach to international
relations: freedom, equality and human rights within constitutional and
international legality / by Feridun Hadi Sinirlioglu.
Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804.
International relations -- Philosophy.
8. POLS 1996 Si6 PhD.
Sinirlioglu, Ayse.
Nature and education in Rousseau's political philosophy / by Ayse
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778 -- Contributions in political science.

POLS 1993 T62.
Topkara, Sevgül.
Critical theory and hermeneutics: the debate between Habermas and
Gadamer by Sevgül Topkara.
Habermas, Jürgen -- Political and social views.
Gadamer, Hans Georg, 1900- -- Political and social views.
Critical theory.
Social sciences.

POLS 1990 D31 PhD.
Davutoglu, Ahmet.
The impacts of alternative Weltanschauungs on political theories : a
comparison of tawhid and ontological proximity / by Ahmet
Islam and state.
Political science -- Philosophy.
Islam -- Doctrines.
Political science -- Western influences.