Uluslararası İlişkiler

POLS 2016 S76 M.A.
Clear-air turbulence: incessant regulation of deregulation in international civil aviation / by Serkan Sönmezgil
Aeronautics, Commercial.
Aeronautics and state.
Clear air turbulence.

POLS 2015 G46 M.A.
Humanitarian intervention realist concerns of liberal aims: a comparative study of Somalia and Rwanda / by Nadire Pınar Genç
Somalia - Politics and government.
Humanitarian intervention - Somalia.
Genocide - Rwanda - History.
Humanitarian intervention - Rwanda.

POLS 2014 G86 M.A.
The case of Egypt: an analysis of the process from “January 25 Revolution” to July 2013 military intervention
Egypt - Politics and Government

POLS 2013 A76 Phd
Business associations and foreign policy: revisiting state-business relations in Turkey / by Altay Atlı
Turkey - Foreign policy.
Turkey - Foreign economic relations.

POLS 2012 B37
Online streaming: a survey of online sharing and piracy / by Şebnem Baran
Piracy (Copyright).
Intellectual property.
Copyright and electronic data processing.

POLS 2012 K45 Phd
Post-cold war Turkish-Russian relations: the limits of competition and cooperation in Eurasia / by Aslı Fatma Kelkitli
Russia - Turkey - Foreign relations.
Eurasia - Economic conditions.

POLS 2012 K37 M.A.
The Resistance of states system against nonstate violence: International cooperation to preserve state monopoly of force / by Erdem Kaya

POLS 2010 M86 M.A.
The National security policy of the Russian Federation: A case for broader security perspective / by Azar Musayev
National Security, Russia (Federation)

POLS 2009 A78 M.A.
From village Turks to Euro Turks: Turkish State’s perceptions of Turkish migrants in Europe / by Zeynep Selen Artan
Turks - Europe
Emmigration and immigration

POLS 2009 B35 M.A.

POLS 2009 B35
The wall and the nonviolent anti-wall movements: understanding the change in the politics of Israel-Palestine / by Esra Bakkalbaşıoğlu
Israel-Politics and Government
Palestinian Arabs- Politics and Governement
Social Movements

POLS 2009 O88
The Palestinian politics of democratization in Israel and the West Bank: a comparative study of colonial and post-colonial contexts / by Salim Aykut Öztürk
Palestinian Arabs
Non-governmental Organizations

POLS 2007 O38
The evolution of immigration and asylum policies in the European Union from public good-collective action perspective / by Aslı Selin Okyay.
European Union countries - - Emigration and immigration.
Asylum, Right of Union countries - - European Union countries.
Refugees - - European Union countries.

POLS 2007 Y83 M.A
The impact of the US unilateralism on international law: the situation of jus ad bellum after September 11 / by Merve Yüce
Politics and government
Foreign relations
United States

POLS 2006 S37
Political economy of agricultural protectionism in the EU and US / by Esin Saraç.
Uruguay Round (1987-1994).
World Trade Organization.
Tariff on farm produce.
Export subsidies.
Produce trade -- United States.
International cooperation.

POLS 2006 C43
Vicious cycle in the Russo-Japanese territorial dispute / by Demir Chavynchak.
Kuril Islands (Russia) -- History.
Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- Japan.
Japan -- Foreign relations -- Soviet Union.

POLS 2006 A34
The emergence of a new type of NGO: think-firms. A study of the ARI and ESI (European Stability Initiative) movements in the context of Turkey's integration to the EU / by Hatice Selen Akçalı.
Non-governmental organizations.
Civil Society.

POLS 2005 K58
Positions and oppositions: Greek foreign policy towards Turkey's accession to the EC/EU (1987-2002) / by Aikaterini Kitidi.
Turkey – Foreign relations – Greece.
Greece – Foreign relations – Turkey.
European Union – Turkey – Foreign relations.

POLS 2005 E54
Turkish-Israeli relations evaluated as a strategic cooperation model / by Reşit Berker Enhoş.
Israel – Foreign relations – Turkey.
Turkey – Foreign relations – Israel.
Israel – Military relations – Turkey.
Turkey – Military relations – Israel.

POLS 2004 U55
An evaluation of European monetary union in its fifth year / by Cenk Ünlü.
Monetary unions -- European Economic Community countries.
European Union countries -- Economic policy.
Europe -- Economic integration.

POLS 2004 T76
Kosovo problem and options to final status / by Arzu Troşala.
Kosovo (Serbia) -- History -- Civil War, 1998-
Kosovo (Serbia) -- Politics and government.
Albanians -- Yugoslavia -- Kosovo (Serbia)

POLS 2004 S55
Domestic sources of Russian foreign policy and their impact on Russia's relations with Azerbaijan / by Rashad Shirinov.
Russia (Federation) – Foreign Relations – Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan – Foreign Relations.

POLS 2004 S26
The Serbo-Croat relations in Yugoslavia / by Caner Sancaktar.
Serbs -- Croatia -- History -- 20th century.
Croatia -- Relations -- Yugoslavia -- Serbia.
Serbia -- Relations -- Croatia.

POLS 2004 P45
From acceptance to rejection: / Two critical moments of the early history of the Turkish-EEC Relations, 1959 and 1979./ by Yeşim Pekiner.
European Economic Community -- Turkey.
European Economic Community countries -- Foreign economic relations -- Turkey.
Turkey -- Foreign economic relations -- European Economic Community countries.

POLS 2004 E23
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Turkish Foreign Policy / by Müge Ece.
Arab-Israeli conflict.
Middle East -- Foreign relations -- Turkey.
Palestinian Arabs.
Turkey -- Foreign relations.

POLS 2004 B38

The European Security and Defense Policy and its implementation in Kosovo and Post September 11 / by Yunus Emre Bayrak.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization -- Europe.
Europe – Defenses.
Europe – Military policy.
United States -- Foreign relations -- European Union countries.
European Union countries -- Foreign relations -- United States.

POLS 2003 G88 PhD
Rise and demise of a "strategic partnership": in search of context for the post-cold war Turkish-American relations / by Serhat Güvenç.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Turkey.
Turkey -- Foreign relations -- United States.

POLS 2003 M87  
Normative international theory and analysis of the conflict management of the United Nations / by Altynbek Muraliev.
United Nations -- Peacekeeping forces.
International Relations.
Normativity (Ethics).

POLS 2003 U44  
Democratic control of the military in the post cold war era: EU policy-Turkish response / by Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen.
World Politics.
Cold War -- History.
European Union countries -- Military policy.

POLS 2002 A43   
The Turkish-Israeli relationship in the post cold war era / by Aydan Alboğa.
Jews –Turkey – History.

POLS 2002 A431
Social movements and pact making in Eastern European transitions to democracy: the case of Poland / by Esra Alagöz.
Europe, Eastern -- Politics and government -- 1989-
Democracy -- Europe, Eastern.

POLS 2002 A75  
On the possibilities and constrains of new regionalism in the Middle East / by Zeynep Arıkanlı.
Regionalism (International organization)
International relations.
Regionalism -- Middle East.

POLS 2002 M55 
Approaches to political culture: the cases of Greece and Turkey / by Nikolaos Michailides.
Turkey -- Foreign relations -- Greece.
Greece -- Foreign relations -- Turkey.
Europe, Southern -- Politics and government.

POLS 2002 S48 
The Russian-Chechen conflict after the disintegration of the Soviet Union / by Yeşim Sezdirmez.
Russia (Federation) -- Ethnic relations.
Communist countries -- Politics and government.
Chechenia (Russia) -- History -- Civil war, 1994-1996.

POLS 2001 E73.
Eralp, Pelin.
Security cooperation in post-cold war Europe: The case of the Yugoslav
conflict/ by Pelin Eralp.
Conflict management.
Europe -- History -- 1989-
National security -- Europe.
Yugoslavia -- Politics and government -- 1989-

POLS 2001 O83.
Özdemir, Burak.
The European Security and defense identity and its implementation in
former Yugoslavia / by Burak Özdemir.
National security -- European.
European cooperation.
Europe -- Defenses.
Yugoslavia -- Defenses.

POLS 2001 S45 PhD.
Seker, Aylin.
Understanding intervention: an inquiry into ethics and international
affairs / by Aylin Seker.
Military ethics.
Intervention (International law) -- Moral and ethical aspects.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Somalia.

POLS 2001 K37.
Karinbaev, Nurlan.
The Russian population in Kazakhstan and its impact on Kazakh-Russian
relations / by Nurlan Karinbaev.
Kazakhstan -- History.
Russians -- Kazakhstan.
Russians -- Foreign relations -- Kazakhstan.

POLS 2000 C11 PhD.
Çagla, Cengiz.
The Jadid movement and Nation-Building in Azerbaijan / by Cengiz
Nationalism -- Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan -- History -- 20th century.

POLS 2000 T84.
Tugtan, Mehmet Ali.
Emergence of a Post Cold War European security architecture / by Mehmet
Ali Tugtan.
National security -- Europe.
Europe, Eastern -- Politics and government.

POLS 2000 K36.
Kanci, Tuba.
Resiliency of social partnership : the German Case / by Tuba Kanci.
Resilience (Personality trait).
Labor unions.
Germany -- Economic conditions.
Germany -- Social policy.

POLS 1999 K84.
Korhan, Hakan.
The effectiveness of World Bank conditionality in trans-boundary rivers
with special emphasis on Southeast Anatolia project / by Hakan Korhan.
World Bank -- Turkey.
Economic assistance -- Turkey.

POLS 1999 O96 PhD.
Öz, Ethem Barkan.
International regional integration : a comparative evaluation / by Ethem
Barkan Öz.
Regional economics.
Regionalism -- Economic aspects.
International economic integration.

POLS 1998 On6.
Onmus, Tuba Akincilar.
A critical analysis of the East Asian development experience / by Tuba
Akincilar Onmus.
East Asia -- Economic conditions.

POLS 1998 K12 PhD.
Kaiser-Pehlivanoglu, Bianca.
Germany's commitment to and impact on European integration: continuity
or change? / by Bianca Kaiser-Pehlivanoglu.
Political parties -- Germany.
Germany -- Economic integration.

POLS 1998 Y48.
Yetim, Müserref.
The political economy of the Euphrates/Tigris basin dispute / by
Müserref Yetim.
Euphrates River Valley.
Tigris River Valley.
Middle East.
Water-supply -- Political aspects -- Turkey.
Water-supply -- Political aspects -- Iraq.
Water-supply -- Political aspects -- Syria.

POLS 1997 T18.
Tasar, Müge.
The development of Serbian nationalisms within the Ottoman Empire and
Habsburg Monarchy / by Müge Tasar.
Serbia -- Nationalism.
Serbia -- History.

POLS 1997 G95.
Güngör, Ugur.
The notion of collective security and changing nature of the United
Nations peace keeping operations / by Ugur Güngör.
United Nations.
Security, International.

POLS 1997 C33.
Çetin, Metin.
A critical analysis of the change in the National Pact: the resolution
of the Mosul question / by Metin Çetin.
Mosul (Iraq).

POLS 1997 D19.
Danaci, Özlem.
Effects of the media on public opinion: the news coverage of three
French newspapers during the completion of the EU-Turkey Customs Union /
by Özlem Danaci.
Mass media -- Public opinion.
Public opinion -- France.
European Union -- Turkey.

POLS 1996 B24.
Barlas, Ebru.
North Atlantic treaty organisation and Western European Union in a
changing Europe security system / by Ebru Barlas.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Western European Union.
Europe -- Defenses.

POLS 1996 Al7.
Alpkan, Lütfihak.
Ethnic conflict in the post cold war era / by Lütfihak Alpkan.
Ethnic relations.
Cold War.

POLS 1996 B49.
Bilgin, Mert.
A critical analysis of the nation-building processes of the central
Asian states / by Mert Bilgin.
Nationalism -- Asia, Central.
Asia, Central -- Politics and government.

POLS 1996 B53.
Birankur, Oya.
The political and economic significance of oil and natural gas in the
transcausian and central Asian Turkic Republics / by Oya Birankur.
Natural gas -- Turkic peoples.
Natural gas pipelines -- Soviet Union.
Natural resources -- Soviet Union.

POLS 1995 Uz2.
Uzcan, Esra Sungun.
The emergence of environmental agenda and new coalitions in the
North-South relations / by Esra Sungun Uzcan.
Developing countries -- Environmental conditions.
Environmental policy -- Developing countries.

POLS 1995 So3.
Sökmen, Askim I.
Contested waters of the Middle East / by Askim I.
Jordan River.
International rivers -- Middle East.
Middle East.
Water-supply -- Political aspects -- Jordan River Valley.
Water resources development -- Political aspects -- Jordan River Valley.

POLS 1995 B63.
Bodur, Marella.
Nationalism and the disintegration of multi-ethnic federations in post-
communist eastern Europe: the case of Czechoslovakia / by Marella
Nationalism -- Czechoslovakia.
Nationalism and communism -- Czechoslovakia.

POLS 1995 D39.
Demirkol, Zeynep.
Nationalism in the Middle East: the case of the Syrian Ba'th Party / by
Zeynep Demirkol.
Nationalism -- Middle East.
Syria -- Politics and government.

POLS 1995 B29.
Basaran, Recai.
The economic policies of German Reunification / by Recai Basaran.
Germany (East) -- Economic policy.
Germany (West) -- Economic policy.
Germany -- History -- Unification, 1990.
Germany -- Economic policy -- 1990-

POLS 1995 Er9.
Erüreten, Zümrüt Verda.
The approach of the United Nations towards humanitarian intervention in
post-cold war internal conflicts / by Zümrüt Verda
United Nations.
Human services.

POLS 1995 Oz2.
Özdoganlar, Ebru.
The Swedish model: political, economic and social dimensions and the
recent changes / by Ebru Özdoganlar.
Sweden -- Economic conditions -- 1945-
Sweden -- Politics and government -- 20th century.

POLS 1995 J41.
Jenkinson, Paul D.
The Turkish-American relationship and the Armenian resolution / by Paul
D. Jenkinson.
Turkey -- Foreign relations -- United States.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Turkey.
Armenian question.

POLS 1994 N14 PhD.
Nalciglu, Cem Mahmut Turgut.
The uneasy challenge : Egypt and Arab solidarity 1943-1967 / by Cem
Mahmut Turgut Nalcioglu.
Arab countries -- Politics and government.
Egypt -- Politics and government.

POLS 1994 Er12.
Eralp, Yasar Selami.
The Yugoslav imbroglio and Turkish policy in the Balkans in early 1990s
/ by Yasar Selami Eralp.
Yugoslavia -- History -- 1992-
Yugoslav War, 1991-
Turkey -- Foreign relations -- Yugoslavia.
Yugoslavia -- Ethnic relations.

POLS 1994 Er4.
Erkol, Yesim.
The Dynamics of ethnic nationalism: the case of Yugoslavia / by
Yesim Erkol.
Nationalism -- Yugoslavia.
Yugoslavia -- Ethnic relations.

POLS 1994 G14.
Gambucci-Mertoglu, Stefani.
International environmental cooperation: a theoretical exploration / by
Stefani Gambucci-Mertoglu.
Environmental policy.
Environmental protection -- International cooperation.

POLS 1994 Z61 PhD.
Zeybekoglu, H. Emrehan.
An alternative measurement model for the semiperiphery in the world-
economy / by H. Emrehan Zeybekoglu.
Economic development.
Economic history.

POLS 1993 T23.
Tellal, Erel.
International migration and structural changes in the international
political system / by Erel Tellal.
Emigration and immigration.
Emigration and immigration -- Government policy.

POLS 1992 Oz11 PhD.
Özcan, Gencer.
Turkey's relations with the Soviet Union / by Gencer Özcan.
Soviet Union -- Foreign relations -- Turkey.
Turkey -- Foreign relations -- Soviet Union.
Turkey -- Foreign relations -- 1918-1960.

POLS 1992 T84.
Türkmenoglu, Ayça B.
The American presidential system: Continuity or change / by Ayça
B. Türkmenoglu.
Political leadership -- United States.
Legislative bodies -- Leadership.
United States -- Politics and government.

POLS 1992 C48.
Çigner, Elçin.
The changing world order and the Persian Gulf War: Saddam Hussein as a
regional actor / by Elçin Çigner.
Persian Gulf War, 1991.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Iraq.
Iraq -- Foreign relations -- United States.

POLS 1992 So7.
Sosay, Gül.
The European human rights regime: creation, evolution, and the defining
characteristics from a cognitive perspective / by Gül Sosay.
Human rights -- Europe.
Civil rights -- Europe.

POLS 1992 M26.
Madenli, Arzu.
The international monetary fund and the origins of the Latin American
debt crisis / by Arzu Madenli.
International Monetary Fund.
Debts, External -- Latin America.
International finance.

POLS 1991 At8.
Atuk, Yasemin.
The contemporary meaning of revolution / by Yasemin Atuk.

POLS 1991 H13.
Halefoglu, Aysegül.
Search for a negotiated settlement : the intercommunal talks on Cyprus,
1975-1991 / by Aysegül Halefoglu.
Cyprus -- History -- Cyprus Crisis, 1974-

POLS 1990 K12.
Kalagoglu, Duygu.
Islamic ideology in Iran : the duality of a discourse / by Duygu
Middle East -- History.
Islam and state -- Turkey.
Islamic fundamentalism.
Iran -- Politics and government.

POLS 1990 F41.
Fertekligil, Veyis.
European integration in the light of the new European challenge / by
Veyis Fertekligil.
Europe -- Economic integration.
European Union.

POLS 1989 C82.
Coskunses, A. Emel.
The financial integration in Europe and the comparison between the
Turkish and the European communities banking system / by A. Emel
European communities.
Europe -- Economic integration.
European Economic Community.

POLS 1988 Oz3.
Özer, Yaprak.
NATO's Information Policy and Turkey: a policy trapped in the
straitjacket of sovereignty / by Yaprak Özer.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Public policy.

POLS 1988 Un11.
Unat, Isik.
Europe versus Europe : 'Europe' in the classical balance of power system
versus 'Western Europe' in the bipolar balance of power system / by
Isik Unat.
Balance of power.
International relations.
World politics.
Europe -- Politics and government -- 1945-

POLS 1986 Su5.
Süloglu, Ayse Güvenç.
An Analysis of the Institutionalization of the Self-management in
Yugoslav Economic System / by Ayse Güvenç
Yugoslavia -- Economic conditions -- 1945-1992.

POLS 1985 T59.
Tombul, Süleyman.
Fear, Deterrence and Technological Advancement: the reasons for the
nuclear arms race and the failure of nuclear arms control / by
Süleyman Tombul.
Deterrence (Strategy).
Nuclear disarmament.
Arms race -- History -- 20th century.
Nuclear arms control.

POLS 1985 Ak2.
Akbulut, Hakan Gürsel.
An Evaluation and an Analysis of the 1974 Constitution of the Socialist
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia / by Hakan Gürsel Akbulut.

POLS 1983 N14.
Nalcioglu, Cem Mahmut Turgut.
Egypt, Arab Solidarity and Establishing a Common Front Against Israel
1950-1967 / by Mahmut Nalcioglu.
Arab countries -- Politics and government.
Egypt -- Politics and government.