December 13, Seyla Benhabib(Yale): " Populism and Cosmopolitanism: Major Currents of our Times"

December 7, Elise  Massicard (CNRS): "Street-level Governing: Researching Politics From Below Turkey"

December 2, Ellen Lust (University of Gothenburg): "Everyday Choices: The Role of the Competing Authorities and Social Institutions in Politics and Development"

November 15, Azat Gündoğan (Florida State University): "What's Beyond Istanbul? Urbanity on the outskirts of a Global City"

Eylül 21, Lisa Weeden (University of Chicago, Political Science): "Authoritarian Apprehensions: Ideology, Judgment, and Mourning in Syria"

Mayıs 22, Edgar Şar (Boğaziçi University, Political Science and International Relations): "Macaristan Seçimleri ve Seçimli Otokrasilerde Siyasal Muhalefet"

Nisan 21, Kathleen Thelen (MIT, Political Science): "Platform Power"

Mart 23, Dilek Kurban (European University): "Limits of Supranational Justice"

Mart 17, Gün Kut (Boğaziçi University, Political Science and International Relations): "Ukranian Crisis and its Reflections"


Aralık 23, Çiğdem Çıdam (Union College, Political Science): "In the Street: Democratic Action, Theatricality, and Political Friendship"

Kasım 11, Bruce Desmarais (Pennsylvania State University, Political Science): "Spatial Modeling of Dyadic Geopolitical Interactions Between Moving Actors"

Ekim 21, Nadia Urbinati (Columbia University, Political Science): "Me the People: How Populism Transforms Democracy" - 

Haziran 16, Jonathan Godfrey (Massey University, School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences): "My accessibility marathon: No progress without pain"

Mayıs 20, Bonnie Honig (Brown University, Political Science): "Fabulation and the Right to the City: Political Intoxication in Hartman, Arendt, and Euripides’ Bacchae"

Nisan 21, Kosuke Imai (Harvard University, Department of Government)"Use of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Justice System: Experimental Evaluation"

Nisan 9, Susan Stokes (University of Chicago, Political Science): "Is 'Direct Democracy' Good for Democracy?"

Mart 23, Nicholas Sambanis (University of Pennsylvania, Political Science): "Norms, Ideas, Identities: Overcoming Dicrimination Toward Immigrants"

Mart 10, Cas Mudde (University of Georgia, School of Public & International Affairs): "The Far Right Today".

Şubat 24: Douglas McAdam (Stanford University, Sociology): "Putting Trump in Context: Race, Religion and the Erosion of Democracy".

Ocak 28: Jeffrey Frieden (Harvard University, Department of Government): "Populism in Place: The Economic Geography of the Globalization Backlash".


Aralık 10: Wendy Pearlman (Northwestern University, Political Science): "Understanding Syria through Refugees' Stories: Bir Köprüden Geçtik".

Ocak 8: Hrant Dink Memorial LectureEleni Varikas: "The Outcasts of the World: The Figures of the Pariah".


Kasım 8, Yeşim Arat & Şevket Pamuk (Bogazici University, Political Sciences and International Relations & History): Book Launch: Turkey Between Democracy and Authoritarianism.

Haziran 18, Mneesha Gellman (Emerson College, Political Science)"Educational Policy in Comparative Context: Ethnic Minority Language Politics in Mexico and the United States".

Nisan, 4, Ben Alexander (Harvard University, Department of English): "An Introduction to Digital Humanities: Origins and Challenges".


Haziran 7, Michael Lipson (Concordia University, Political Science): "Gated Haven: Organized Hypocrisy and EU Asylum Policy".

Mayıs29, Ceren Belge (Concordia University, Political Science): "The Rules of Difference: Honor Killings and National Identity in the Courts of Urfa and Diyarbakır".

Nisan 27, Paola Rivetti (Dublin City University, School of Law and Government): "The Transformation of Activism under Authoritarian Constraints: Evidences from Iran".

Mart 23, Volkan Yılmaz (Dublin City University, School of Law and Government): "The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey".

Mart 16: Konstantinos Travlos (Özyeğin University, Political Science and International Relations)Consent and Management: A multi-method analysis of the correlates of interstate managerial coordination".

Şubat 22: Yutaka TakaokaShingo Hamanaka & Kohei Imai, "Poll Survey on Syrians in Turkey: Findings and Implications".

Şubat 19: Kostas Matakos (King's College London, Department of Political Economy): "Does Exposure to the Refugee Crisis Make Natives More Hostile?".

Ocak 17: Hrant Dink Memorial LectureÉtienne Balibar (Columbia University, Department of French and Romance Philology): "Democracy and Liberty in Times of Violence".


Kasım 24: Murat Akan (Boğaziçi University, Political Science and International Relations): "The Politics of Secularism: Religion, Diversity, and Institutional Change in France and Turkey".

Ocak 20: Hrant Dink Memorial LectureRonald G. Suny (University of Michigan, History): "The Crisis of Contemporary Democracy: The Fate of an Experiment in the Age of Nationalism, Populism, and Neo-Liberalism".


Aralık 14: Tolga Sınmazdemir (SOAS University of London, Politics and International Studies): "Exposure to Violence and Political Attitudes: A Study of Syrian Refugues in Turkey".

Kasım 30: Selim Erdem Aytaç (Koç University, International Relations): "Why Do People Join Backlash Protests? Lessons from Turkey".

Kasım 18: Sevinç Doğan (Koç University, Sociology): "Mahalledeki AKP:Taban Mobilizasyonu ve Siyasal Yabancılaşma".

Nisan 27: Himani Bannerji (York University, Sociology), "The Fundamentalist Government in India and its effects on women's lives".

Ocak 15: Hrant Dink Memorial LectureVandana Shiva , "Making Peace with the Earth and Each Other".


Kasım, 3:  Moshe Behar (University of Manchester, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures): "The One-State/Two-States Controversy in post-1917 Palestine/Israel: Nationalism, Liberalism, Marxism, Bi-Nationalism".

Nisan, 9: Karabekir Akkoyunlu (SOAS University of London, Politics and International Studies): "Rethinking Hybrid Regimes: Guardianship and Democracy in Turkey and Iran".

Ocak, 7: Nergis Canefe (York University, Politics): "Human Suffering, Human Vulnerability and Human Capabilities - Critical Connections".


Ekim, 10: Benjamin Isakhan (Deakin University, International Politics): "Iraq in Crisis: The 2003 Iraq War and the Roots of the ‘Islamic State’".

May, 9-10: Conference on Comparative Constitutional Law for Modern Greece and Turkey

Nisan, 4: Panel on History, Values and Change

Ocak, 17: Hrant Dink Memorial LectureLoic Wacquant (University of California Berkeley, Sociology): "Inequality, Marginality and Social Jutsice in the City"


May, 9: Bertell Ollman (New York University, Politics): "The Future of Marxism"


Aralık, 12: Janine Reinhard: "Argumentative Strategies and Bargaining Success at EU Intergovernmental Conferences"

Temmuz, 4: Round Table: Discussion by Salim Tamari and Eman Khammas on "Middle East Politica and its Future, with a special emphasis on Iraq, Syria, and Palestine" 

Haziran, 6: Stephen Castles: "Migration, Precarious Work and Rights: Historical and Current Perspectives" 

Haziran, 4: Wendy Brown (University of California Berkeley, Political Science): Is Capital Secular? A Re-reading of Marx

May, 16: Tiiu Pohl, "Putin`s Russia: Three Terms of Power"

Mart, 8-9: "Citizenship, Democracy and Diversity: Comparisons" Conference

Ocak, 13: Hrant Dink Memorial LectureRabab El-Mahdi (American University in Cairo, Political Science): "Egypt a Revolution in the Making"


Aralık, 12-16: International Workshop on “Charities and Legitimacy of Organisation, Law, Accountability, and Transparency”

Kasım, 25: Ji Zhe (Sorbonne University, Sociology): guest of Secularism, Democracy and Religion Graduate Seminar for a roundtable discussion on secularism in China

Kasım, 22: Larry J. Diamond, "The Flow and Ebb of Democracy's Third Wave"

Kasım, 4: Alfred Stepan, guest of Secularism, Religion and Democracy seminar for a discussion on Tunisia and Egypt

May, 6: Oscar Schmidt, "Institutional change or institutional persistence? An analysis of the evolution of access to land and water resources in South-Eastern Anatolia, Turkey"

Nisan, 18: John Holloway, "Anger Towards the Autonomy of Money"

Nisan, 8-9: Political Science and International Relations Department 2nd Graduate Conference


Temmuz, 22: Robert Latham (York University, Politics): “Israel and Palestine: Social Space, Security, and Alternative Sovereignties”

Temmuz, 17-18: "Establishing Order" co-organized by Yale University and Boğaziçi University

May, 26: Jurgen Mittag, “Towards a European Party System?: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Political Parties in the EU”

May, 10: Bülent Açma (Anadolu University, Economics): “The Cultural Economy of Hasankeyf and Zeugma” 

May, 6: Jurgen Mittag: "From European Identity to City Advertising? The concept of the 'European Capital of Culture' and its changes"

Nisan, 22: Feroz Ahmad: Pols 484 Seminar in Turkish Politics

Nisan, 19: Dimitris Christopoulos (Heriot Watt University, Business): “Greece 2010: Migration and citizenship reform amidst the turmoil of financial crises”

Nisan, 19: Roundtable Discussion In the same neighborhood: Citizenship and belonging in Turkey and Greece

Nisan, 15: Joan W. Scott “On Secularism and Gender Equality”

Nisan, 13: Cihan Tuğal (University of California Berkeley, Sociology): Seminar on his article "The Appeal of Islamic Politics: Ritual and Dialogue in a Poor District of Turkey"

Nisan, 2-3: "Turkey and Change" Graduate Conference

Mart, 29: Zana Çitak (Middle East Technical University, International Relations): Seminar on her article “Between ‘Turkish Islam’ and ‘French Islam’: The Role of the Diyanet in the Conseil Français du Culte Musulman


Aralık, 4: Slavoj Zizek & Udi Aloni “Ideology in Post-Ideological World: Israel-Palestine Issue”

Aralık, 3: Slavoj Zizek “Ideology in Post-Ideological World: Hollywood”

Ekim, 21: Omnibus for Direct Democracy “Democracy in Motion”

Eylül, 24-26: Istanbul Research Meeting: Law, Religion and Democracy

Temmuz, 28: Andrew Norris (University of California Santa Barbara, Political Science): “'The Chain of Reasons Has an End': Wittgenstein and Oakeshott on Rationalism and Practice"

Temmuz, 22: Beth Dougherty (Beloit College, International Relations): “War Crimes Tribunals: Balancing Local and International Concerns in Prosecutions”

Temmuz, 15: Behlül Özkan (Marmara University, International Relations): “Social Construction of Turkish Vatan”

Haziran, 22: Cynthia Weber (University of Sussex, International Relations): “Filming the fear of difference:  unsafe US citizens in post-9/11 America”

Haziran, 9: Andrew Arato (New School for Social Research, Sociology): “Constitutional Court and the Future of Turkish Constitution Making”

Haziran, 8: Jean Cohen: “The Legitimacy of Global Governance Institutions”

Haziran, 3: ROUND TABLE: Michael Walzer (video), Benjamin Barber, Richard Bernstein, Nader Hashemi. Chair: Jean Cohen “Rethinking Secularism across the Islam-West Divide” 

Haziran, 3: Seyla Benhabib (Yale University, Political Science)Chair: Faruk Birtek (Bogazici University, Sociology): “Hannah Arendt and Raphael Lemkin on Genocide and The Concept of the Cultural Group”

Haziran, 1: Peter Geschiere (University of Amsterdam, Anthropology)“Autochthony”: The Future of Citizenship: New Struggles over Belonging and Exclusion in Africa and Elsewhere”.

May, 29: Nancy Fraser (New School for Social Research, Philosophy): “Feminism, Capitalism and the Cunning of the History”

May, 27: Marc Nichanian: “Mourning and Reconciliation”

May, 21: Danilo Türk"Multilateralism in an era of uncertainty: What role for the institutions of the UN system?"

Nisan, 21: Pierre Tevanian: “A Conservative Revolution within Secularism (The Ideological Premises and Social Effects of French March 15, 2004 “Anti-Headscarf” Law”

Nisan, 8: Fransesc Serra Massansalvador“Transition in Spain: Towards a New Kind of  State”

Nisan, 6: Stavros Ioannides (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Philosophy): "Recent uprisings in Greece"

Nisan, 3: Rıza Türmen: “Düşünce hürriyeti kısan kararlara karşı açılan davalarda AİHM verdiği kararlar”

Mart, 20: Lionel Vairon: "Invasion of Iraq and "the clash of civilizations": myths and realities of American strategy for democratization of the Arab world"

Mart, 6: Ellen Lust-Okar (Yale College, Politcal Science): “Competitive Clientelism and the Logic of Voter Turnout in Authoritarian Legislative Elections”



Aralık, 4: Meeting with Rector and two provosts (Topic: How to improve university’s publication record.)

Kasım, 27: Taner Timur: “Habermas’ı Okumak”

Ağustos, 5: Nilay Özok-Gündoğan (Florida State University, History)“"Peripheral" Experiences in A Provincial Context: A Research Agenda for the Social History of Mid-Nineteenth Century Diyarbekir”

Temmuz, 29: Onur Bakıner (Seattle University, Political Science)“Coming to Terms with the Past: A Study in Social Memory and Political Legitimacy”

Temmuz, 22: Veysi Kondu (Bilgi University, International Relations): “Stranger and Politics: Some Thoughts on Political Science Education”

Temmuz, 16: Arda İbikoğlu (Altınbaş University, Sociology)“Struggles for Control: F Type Prisons in Turkey”

Temmuz, 15: Thomas Koenig (Northwestern University, Sociology): “Some methodological and theoretical considerations to show, how and why the Eurupean Public Sphere does not work: The case of the Turkey EU Accesion Debate in ten countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, and the US)”

Temmuz, 10: Şener Aktürk (Koç University, International Relations): “Alevi and Kurdish Representation and Demands in Turkish Politics, 1950-2007”