Karşılaştırmalı Siyaset

POLS 2016 K37 PhD
Rethinking the political economy of contemporary water struggles in Turkey from a comparative perspective: Space, structures and agency / by Sinem Kavak
Hydroelectric power plants -- Turkey.
Hydroelectric power plants -- Environmental aspects -- Turkey -- Public opinion.
Hydroelectric power plants -- Social aspects -- Turkey.
Hydroelectric power plants -- Political aspects -- Turkey.

POLS 2015 M.A.
Migrants and the city: gentrification, ethnicity and class in a Berlin neighborhood / by Defne Kadıoğlu Polat
Gentrification - Germany

POLS 2014 M37 M.A.
Bringing agency back In: the case of Sub-Saharan African migrants in Istanbul / by Sonja Mardesic
Emigraion and immigration - Turkey

POLS 2014 E74 M.A.
Transnational remittances and irregularity: remitting practices of Post-Soviet labor migrants in Istanbul / by Mehtap Ergünöz
Emmigration and immigration 

POLS 2013 O83 Phd
Europe in Turkish history textbooks: the change in the idea of the west in Turkish education and identity 1929-2008 / by Eren Özalay - Şanlı
Political Socialization - Europe
Education - Turkey

POLS 2012 E58 Phd
The politics of religion in the United States Federal context: the faith-based initiative / by Nevin Deniz Ekşioğlu
Religion and politics - United States.

POlS 2012 Y56 M.A.
The impact of foreign nationals on state policy: refugees and asylum seekers, European Court of Human Rights case law and Turkish asylum law / by Gökçen Yılmaz
Turkey - Emigration and immigration.
Asylum, Right of - Turkey

POLS 2012 B56 PhD
The politics of uncertainty in a global market: the hazelnut exchange and its production / by Ebru Tekin Bilbil
Hazelnut industry - Turkey.
Agriculture - Economic aspects - Turkey.

POLs 2008 N48 M.A.
German call centers in Istanbul: Beyond the global and the local / by Alina Belinda Neitzert
Call Centers

POLS 2007 V36 M.A.
Victory of pleasure and defeat of place. Political implications of contemporary trends in tourism / by Fleur Odylle van Wijck
Commerce - Tourism

POLS 2007 S55 M.A.
Global trends, domestic institutions and contemporary organized labor: the case of Turkey / by Jeremy Michael Silva
Working class - Turkey.
Labor unions - Turkey.

POLS 2007 D64 M.A.
Islamic economics: the Islamic Bourgeoisie and the Imagined Community / by Joseph S. Doherty
Müslüman İş Adamları Derneği.
Muslim businesspeople - Turkey.
Islam - Economic aspects - Turkey.
Economics - Religious aspects - Islam.


POLS 2007 A85 M.A.
Politics of motherhood and the experience of the mothers of peace in Turkey / by Özlem Aslan
Women and peace - Turkey.
Women, Kurdish - Turkey.

POLS 2007 V36
Victory of pleasure and defeat of place. Political implications of contemporary trends in tourism / by Fleur Odylle van Wijck.
Tourism -- Research.
Tourism -- Commerce.
POLS 2006 M87
The role of the Egyptian military as an economic actor in business / by Ömer Murat.
Egypt -- Military Policy.

POLS 2006 C38
The role of the IMF in the Turkish financial crisis of 2000-2001: a
comparison with the Mexican crisis of 1994 and the Thai crisis of
1997 / by Fazilet Çavdar.
International Monetary Fund.
Financial crises -- Turkey.
Financial crises -- Mexico.
Financial crises -- Thailand.
Turkey -- Economic conditions -- 1960-

POLS 2004 E73
Women activism in the former Yugoslav States / by K. Aslı Erbay.
Women -- Former Yugoslav republics -- History.
Feminism -- Former Yugoslav republics -- History.
Yugoslav War, 1991-1995 -- Protest movements.

POLS 2003 B44    
A comparative analysis of foreign direct investment policies of Turkey and Poland / by Mustafa Begün.
Investments, Foreign -- Turkey.
Investments, Foreign -- Poland.

POLS 2002 D35 PhD  
A Comparative cultural and socio-political analysis of post-war Italian and Turkish societies in the context of realism in cinema / by Aslı Daldal.
Motion pictures -- Political aspects -- Italy.
Motion pictures -- Political aspects -- Turkey.
Motion pictures -- Social aspects -- Italy.
Motion pictures -- Social aspects -- Turkey.
Art and society.
Realism in motion pictures.

POLS 2002 Sa17  
Enlargement of the European Union : a comparative analysis of Turkey and Poland / by Nilay Şafak.
Turkey -- Foeign economic relations -- European Union.
European Union -- Foreign economic relations -- Turkey.
European Union -- Poland.

POLS 2001 O51.
Ön, Derya.
The emergence of European Security and Defense Identity and Turkey / by
Derya Ön.
Western European Union.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
European Union.
National security -- Turkey.
Europe -- Defenses.

POLS 2001 O83.
Özdemir, Burak.
The European Security and defense identity and its implementation in
former Yugoslavia / by Burak Özdemir.
National security -- European.
European cooperation.
Europe -- Defenses.
Yugoslavia -- Defenses.

POLS 2001 S23.
Sabanovic, Selma.
A divisive history: Serb, Croat and Bosniak nationalism in post-war
Bosnia and Herzegovina textbooks / Selma Sabanovic.
Bosnia and Hercegovina -- Politics and government.
Bosnia and Hercegovina -- History.
Europe, Eastern -- Politics and government.
Nationalism -- Europe, Eastern.

POLS 2001 K67.
Koryan, Rita.
The role of the military in Turkish and Egyptian politics : A
comparative analysis / by Rita Koryan.
Civil-military relations -- Turkey.
Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1918-.
Turkey -- Military policy.
Civil-military relations -- Egypt.
Egypt -- Politics and government -- 1952-.
Egypt -- Military policy.

POLS 2001 T48.
Tetik, Günes.
Change in the organization of production and labor process :
acomparison of two factories in the Turkish automotive industry / byGünes Tetik.

Industrial management.
Production management.
Automobile industry and trade -- Management.
Automobile industry and trade -- Turkey.

POLS 1999 T65.
Toker, Elif.
The formal role of the military in political decision making : Egypt and
Turkey / by Elif Toker.
Political science -- Turkey -- Decision making.
Political science -- Egypt -- Decision making.
Civil-military relations -- Turkey.
Civil-military relations -- Egypt.

POLS 1998 Ok7.
Oktay, Erkan.
A comparative study of the National Democratic Revolution movement in
Turkey / by Erkan Oktay.
Türkiye Isçi Partisi.
Turkey -- Politics and government -- 1960-1980.
Socialism -- Turkey - History

POLS 1996 G96 PhD.
Gürses, Emin.
Nationalist movements and the international system: a comparative study
with particular reference to Turkey / by Emin Gürses.
Nativistic movements.
Nativistic movements -- Turkey.

POLS 1995 Sa7.
Sarlak, Zeynep.
Coups and constitutions in Brazil, South Korea, and Turkey: a
comparative study of legal-institutional frameworks / by Zeynep
Intervention (International law) -- Brazil.
Intervention (International law) -- Korea (South).
Intervention (International law) -- Turkey.
Constitutions -- Brazil.
Constitutions -- Korea (South).
Constitutions -- Turkey.

POLS 1995 K82.
Köksaloglu, Emire Aylin.
The impact of domestic political opposition on the launching and the
progress of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process / by Emire Aylin
Palestine -- Politics and government.
Israel -- History.

POLS 1995 Oz3.
Özerkan, Kubilay.
Scandinavian social democracy: the case of Sweden / by Kubilay
Socialism -- Scandinavia.
Scandinavia -- Politics and government.
Scandinavia -- Economic Policy.
Scandinavia -- Social policy.
Socialism -- Sweden.
Sweden -- Politics and government.
Sweden -- Economic Policy.
Sweden -- Social policy.

POLS 1993 H35.
Hebauer, Barbara Maria.
The impact of international migration on the foreign policies of
receiving states : a comparison of Germany and The United States / by
Barbara Maria Hebauer.
Emigration and immigration.
Germany -- Emigration and immigration.
United States -- Emigration and immigration.

POLS 1993 Ad2.
Addo-Quaye, Henry.
Political determinants of successful structural adjustment : a
comparative analysis of Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal / by Henry Addo-

POLS 1993 M35.
Marschall, Melissa.
Accounting for differentials in the speed of privatization : a
comparative analysis of Brazil, Mexico and Turkey / by Melissa
Privatization -- Brazil.
Privatization -- Mexico.
Privatization -- Turkey.

POLS 1991 B11.
Baban, Feyzi.
The role of the state in late industrialization : a comparative analysis
of South Korea and Brazil / by Feyzi Baban.
Industrial policy -- Korea (South).
Industrial policy -- Brazil.
Developing countries -- Economic conditions.
Korea (South) -- Economic conditions.

POLS 1990 N87.
Nozawa (Dursun), Tamiko.
The history of political stability in Japan and Turkey / by Tamiko
Nozawa (Dursun).
Political stability -- Turkey.
Political stability -- Japan.
Political culture -- Turkey.
Political culture -- Japan.

POLS 1989 C82.
Coskunses, A. Emel.
The financial integration in Europe and the comparison between the
Turkish and the European communities banking system / by A. Emel
European communities.
Europe -- Economic integration.
European Economic Community.

POLS 1986 Oz11.
Özcan, Gencer.
An Evaluation of the Emergence of Nonalignment in the Context of Indian
and Yugoslav Foreign Policies / by Gencer Özcan.
Yugoslavia -- Foreign relations.
Nonalignment -- Yugoslavia.
India -- Foreign relations.
Nonalignment -- India.
World politics -- 1945-