Outgoing Students


1. As soon as you are accepted into a program abroad, you have to fill out the student petirion (öğrenci dilekçe formu) available at the department or faculty secretariat to request a leave of absence (dönem izni) for their exchange semester.
2. You have to attach (a) your current transcript, (b) the acceptance letter from your exchange university to their petition.

3. If you are Erasmus students, you must check to see whether there is additionally a Learning Agreement to be filled out and included in your exchange petition.
4. You must have their petition signed by your REGULAR advisor and leave your petition to the department secretary.
5. The petition will be approved by the Faculty Council and be sent to the registrar office.
6. You do not have to sign up for classes at Bogazici for the semester you are requesting leave of absense, but you have to make sure that you pay the registration fees.

7. Erasmus students that are receiving funds for their stay abroad must take courses worth 30 ETCS credits. Students on exchange elsewhere than in Europe do not have any obligation to convert their course credits to ECTS.

8. The choice of courses to be taken abroad is up to the student. There is no guarantee that any course will be counted as departmental or complementary elective until the full syllabus of the course is seen and approved by the exchange advisor. Please do not ask your exchange advisor about the courses you have chosen unless you have the full syllabus (not just the course description) available. Instead, use your own judgment to decide which course to take.

9. For a course to count as departmental elective, its content needs to be specifically focused on topics related to political science or international relations. Otherwise, it will count as either complementary or unrestricted elective.

10. The required courses in the departmental program cannot be supplemented by any course taken abroad. Even if you take an exchange course resembling one of our required courses, it will count as departmental elective.

11. The maximum number of courses that can be transfered back is 4.

12. If you have a Learning Agreement, make sure that you notify your exchange advisor by e-mail as soon as you make any changements to it and then have it faxed to the department.

13. Please make sure that you see the information concerning the steps you need to take when you come back from the exchange program, under the rubric Returning Exchange Students on the department website.