POLS 464

International Politics

This course offers an introduction to the law of international organizations (LIO). LIO is a subbranch of international law (IL). It focuses on organizations whose membership is that of states. Topics that will be addressed include the legal personality and powers of such institutions; the manner in which the states parties as members participate and enforce decisions through institutional mechanisms; the privileges and immunities enjoyed by these organizations and their relationship with national law and the role played in this regard by international law. We will also address the formation, membership, internal decision-making structures, sanctions, and accountability of such organizations. While, special emphasis will be placed on the United Nations, other intergovernmental organizations like the EU, the WTO and the IMF will also be examined. Furthermore, we will focus on international organization in the fields of human rights, environmental protection, international finance and trade, and peace and justice. Although not a hard prerequisite, students are recommended to have concluded POLS 324 successfully before enrolling in this course. 

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