Announcements on Internal Transfer and Double Major/Minor Applications

Dear All,

Upon the latest decisions of the university senate please take into
consideration the following points:

1. Students who plan to apply for an internal transfer to another
department should ask for a letter grade on all those courses that are
considered as prerequisite for transfer.

2.If the course is on the curriculum of that department but you get a P
grade on that course, it will not be transferred to your new transcript.
You will have to take that course again in the future.

3. The departments require minimum transfer of credits in internal
transfers. Make sure that you have sufficient number of courses that you
can transfer. In order to transfer a course, you have to get a letter

4. If you plan to apply for minor or double major, check the
requirements of that program. If the program requires you to take a
letter grade on a specific course as a minimum condition then you have
to ask for a letter grade on that course this semester.

5. Students applying for minor with Political Science must have BB or a
higher grade on Pols 101.

6. Students applying for double major with Political Science must have
taken two Pols courses and the average grade of those courses must be BB
or higher.

Department of Political Science and International Relations